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Vaping in Dubai: Where to Buy JUUL In Dubai?

Vaping in Dubai Where to Buy JUUL In Dubai

So you’re in Dubai and looking for your vape fix? This post will help you navigate the world of vaping in Dubai, from finding the right shops to understanding the local laws.

JUUL in Dubai

Short answer: Finding JUUL might be tricky. Here’s why:

  • Flavored vapes are a no-no: JUUL pods usually have flavors, and those are not allowed for sale in Dubai.
  • Legal wobble: It’s not 100% clear if JUUL itself is okay to buy.

JUUL Pods and Supermarkets

  • No JUUL pods at the supermarket: Because flavored vapes are out, supermarkets won’t have JUUL pods.

Vaping Options in Dubai

  • Plain vapes are okay: You can find vape devices and e-liquids (the juice you vape) in Dubai, but they can’t have flavors.

Finding a Vape Shop

  • Look for vape stores: Instead of supermarkets, search for dedicated vape shops.
  • Ask about flavors: Double-check that they only sell unflavored vapes and e-liquids.
  • Skip the flavored stuff: Avoid shops selling flavored products to stay on the safe side.


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Things to Remember

  • Vaping and health: Vaping has health risks, and nicotine in e-liquids is addictive. Consider this before you buy.
  • Laws can change: The rules around flavored vapes might change, so it’s good to check before you puff away.

The Bottom Line

JUUL might be a challenge in Dubai, but there are options for vapers who are okay with unflavored devices and e-liquids. Just remember to keep your health in mind and stay updated on the latest regulations.

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