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IQOS Heets Amber Selection 1 Carton (10 packs)

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HEETS IQOS In  Dubai UAE is the most popular H-N-B alternatives in DUBAI. IQOS HEETS Consists of high-quality and compressed tobacco offers authentic tobacco taste. While heating the tobacco in the IQOS Holder, the nicotine-containing aerosol develops. The inhalation works like smoking a normal cigarette, via a filter. You need the IQOS Kit to use HeatSticks.

Origin: Russia &  Armenia. Suitable for IQOS 3 Duo, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 MULTI, IQOS 2.4 Plus
How To Use Heets IQOS In  Dubai UAE
Remove the protective seal cover to reveal the heat stick chamber;
Insert a tobacco stick into the chamber;
Push the button pressed for one second until it blinks;
Once the indicator light has stopped blinking, inhale from the tobacco stick to experience a wonderful new flavor.

How long does HEETS IQOS In  Dubai UAE Last?

Each HEETS tobacco stick can be enjoyed for up to 14 puffs, which is similar to that of a cigarette.

How Many HEETS in a Pack?
Each pack contains 20 HEETS tobacco sticks, this box contains 10 packs of HEETS (200 HEETS), made with specially selected tobacco.

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