IQOS HEETS CLASSIC Are tobacco sticks or heat-sticks that contain a mix of tobacco strips with glycerin. Heets classics are get used with an IQOS holder. So, Users insert the heating unit into an iqos holder and heat up to 350˚C or 660°F until the tobacco releases steam that carries 0.5 mg of nicotine.

Additionally, The HEETS unit contains special filters such as a mouthpiece filter, a polymer film filter, a hollow acetate tube, mouth-end papers, outer paper with an aluminum foil, and tobacco sheets. Users smoke by drawing on the IQOS holder.

Heets Classic Flavors

HEETS  sticks are available in 8 flavors. Read on to know about the top eight HEETS classic flavors.

  • Bronze Selection – Soft aromatic blend with light notes of cocoa and dried fruit
  • Amber Selection – Specially roasted tobacco with light woody and nutty notes
  • Yellow Selection – Soft and aromatic tobacco blend with delicate spicy notes
  • Turquoise Selection – Coldness of menthol and velvety tobacco blend with delicate spicy notes.
  • Green Zing – Refreshing menthol enhanced with citrus and herbal notes
  • Purple Wave – Blend Surprise: starts with cooling menthol and reveals a scent of wild berries
  • Silver Selection – Pure tobacco taste without any impurities. The taste and aroma of Silver are light, soft, completely unobtrusive.
  • Tropical Swift – Menthol cooling sensation enriched by tropical fruits aroma notes.
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HEETS all Flavors in Dubai UAE

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