Take Advantage of Iqos Vape – Read These 9 Tips

Take Advantage of Iqos Vape - IQOS 3 DUO KIT IN Dubai Vape Store
The Top  Advantages of Using Iqos Vape.
  1. Less Harmful for Others

Take Advantage of Iqos Vape, Smoking is not only harmful to the smoker but also to the people around them. It is known as passive smoking or second-hand smoke. There is a higher than average chance of passive smokers getting a coronary disease and even cancer. Vaping is far safer for people in the immediate vicinity. Vaping fumes are also odorless smoke or have a pleasant aroma.

  1. Not Harmful for the Environment

It’s a known fact that smoking itself and the litter produced is bad for the environment and unsightly, not to mention the risk of fire, many fires start each year as a result of carelessly discarded cigarette butts. Tobacco smoke does not only jeopardizes the health of the user but also contributes to atmospheric pollution and the greenhouse effect. On the other hand, vaping does not involve the kind of risk to the environment.

  1. Vaping is Cheaper

In addition to its health, social and environmental benefits Take Advantage of Iqos Vape vaping is far cheaper than smoking. Though initially, you will have to buy an e-cigarette or mod to when compared to the cost of heavily taxed tobacco products it is not expensive at all. On the other hand, smoking is an expensive habit. You can buy cheap e juice from the online vape shops which ship to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, and Alice Springs, Hobart, and Perth, or local vape stores quite easily.

  1. No Residue No Ashtray

Another upside to vaping is that it’s free of residue, smoke, and ash. You don’t have to be worried about bad odor lingering, tobacco breath, and messy ash. Vaping is a better and safer option for you, the people around you, and the environment. You can enjoy vaping without worrying about the effects of smoking on your health or others. Vaping is the acceptable personal and social alternative to smoking.

  1. . IQOS uses different technology than e-cigarettes.

Heat-not-burn products are different from e-cigarettes because they use actual tobacco, not the flavored e-liquid typically found in e-cigarettes. The concept behind heat-not-burn is that it allows users to experience what looks and feels like smoking a regular cigarette without inhaling combusted tobacco.

  1. Heated tobacco products are not proven to be safer than cigarettes.

Tobacco companies claim that heat-not-burn products are less harmful than cigarettes because when tobacco burns, or combusts, it produces more than 7,000 chemicals that are found in cigarette smoke.

  1. These products are part of the industry’s efforts to deal with increasing regulation.

Tobacco companies are attempting to undermine government regulation by using harm reduction claims as a strategy for reframing the industry as part of the solution instead of part of the problem

  1. Main advantages

One of the main benefits is how Jule affects the body. Many people think that if in one cartridge of nicotine – as in 20 cigarettes, then it does the same harm. But researchers from Public Health England claim that e-cigarette smoking is 95% less harmful than regular cigarettes.

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